Friday, October 25, 2013

Permanent Shadows (The Punishment Sequence #2) by C.E. Wilson

Permanent Shadows by C.E. Wilson
Can you say feels?
Rating: 4/5
When a friend from Teague’s old life comes to visit, it sets in motion a sequence of events that will rock the Pixi world and force Cailin to question everything she thought she knew.

She knows that her father has been keeping secrets, but it’s only now that she begins to realize just how little she knows. Now she is trying to figure out what Owen’s relationship is with her father and if Owen and Teague are really what she thought they were. Learning the truth comes at a price, and Cailin is left wondering who she can trust.

Permanent Shadows is the second book in the YA Paranormal Romance series, The Punishment Sequence.

(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review)

I usually don't really expect sequels to better than the first in a series. It usually just doesn't ever happen. I have to admit though, that this was SO much better, and I enjoyed Oath of Servitude quite a bit. A round of applause for this awesomeness!

Because really, as soon as some questions got answered, the plot took off like a shot. There was nary a dull moment and I should know, since I read this whole thing in a cramped RV and forgot to complain on the ride. The book just had me so engrossed that five hours passed without me even noticing. 

Cailin, the pixi girl who'd been banished to live with humans, was much more likable in Permanent Shadows than the first in the series. I have this deeply rooted hatred toward girls who act stupid for guys, but I think Cailin's one of those rare badass chicks, able to feel hurt over guy situations and act like they're taking it in stride. Like, she doesn't go out of her way to get revenge and end up hurting/embarrassing herself in the process (Looking at you, Nora Grey. Yes, Patch is sexy, but really? Channel Cailin's badassery!). I was actually a little proud of the way she handled certain situations, but then again, there were moments when I just wanted to wrap my hands around her shoulders and shake some sense into her. 

When I read about Teague, the human that Cailin's totally crazy about, my heart actually stops. I love their chemistry together, and Teague has the most adorable vulnerable moments when I just want to hug him and tell him, "Well, I still love you, so you can just run off with me, yeah?" That was kind of spoiler-y, wasn't it? Hmmm...well, you'll just have to see the part I'm talking about for yourself. AND BOY WILL THERE BE FEELS. Like when you see him jealous? Good moments, those were. *smiles dopily*

I did, however, feel bothered by a few things. My annoyance toward the minor characters was overwhelming. The sisters were relentlessly annoying the whole time, her dad kept secrets from her for "her safety," and adults just act generally superior, but not in the sensible way - in the overbearing, ridiculous kind of way. I had expected more secrets to be revealed also, and I feel like I'm still much too far out of the know considering this is the second book in the series.

Regardless, I still recommend this series to lovers of fantasy and romance. I think it's WAY too unappreciated for its level awesomeness, so if you're curious, GO FOR IT. It's worth every second you spend reading (and likely rereading) it.

Rating: 4/5

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