Sunday, September 22, 2013

Meeting Veronica Roth!

I MET VERONICA ROTH AT THE NATIONAL BOOK FESTIVAL! I almost can't believe it, even though I have pictures and everything. My friend and I waited in line from 11:30-2:00ish which was about when she arrived for the signing. It probably sounds really boring, just sitting on the grass, waiting for her to get to the signing tent, but everyone in line seemed to be able to keep themselves sufficiently entertained. Either that, or they were to busy fangirling to bother feeling anything but that I'M ABOUT TO EXPLODE sort of tingling in their chest. And then people saw this sign and I'm pretty sure I heard at least everyone squeal.

The never-ending line
I was lucky to be so close up to the front considering the fact that there was probably 23,915,604,870 people in the line in total. Anyway, the people around me were awesome. The girl in front of me, this chick named Alexa, was book-talking with me and my friend the entire time to stave off boredom and heat (She also has a blog, guys! Writing the Universe). It was awesome, and I got a whole bunch more book recommendations, although I will admit that that's probably a bad thing. My TBR pile is actually getting too big to handle now. The books may actually topple from the stack any second. ANYWAY, the people behind us were friendly also, and we were listening to their old-style Taylor Swift music (I secretly love those songs. Shhhh... it's a secret.) from their iPods. We also temporary tattooed ourselves as Dauntless, even though I know for a fact that I'm probably Erudite. I CAN PRETEND.

AND THEN, after waiting forever, THIS HAPPENED and my life became complete. Until the authors for next year are announced, anyway.


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